10 Things Transplants Notice About St. Louis

Updated: Feb 5

From the moment transplants touch down, they start to see things. A lot of things.

1. “St. Louis WAY bigger than I thought.”

Although we’re a mid-market city, you can’t see all of St. Louis is one afternoon. Many are expecting a town of 300 thousand, not a region of 3 million.

2. “Wow, this an old city, isn’t it?”

Surprising to most is that we're not a prairie pop-up. In fact, it's over 250 years old. Despite being the “Gateway to the West,” St. Louis shares more tendencies with Northeastern and Sothern cities than those found in Western markets. As we like to say, if Boston and New Orleans had a baby...

3. “The architecture here is incredible.”

Transplants are often overwhelmed by the architectural parity found in the region - expecting some version of Legoland-like suburbia. The history, diversity, character, grit, pathos and soul of our buildings and neighborhoods, young and old, makes for a more exciting landscape and welcome surprise.

4. “Everything is so green.”

Speaking of landscape, nearly every visitor tends to marvel at all the trees, parks, and greenery. That there's even a hill or two.

5. “All this sun is a pleasant surprise.”

It's not California or Florida, but it's not Michigan either. Hot or Cold, St. Louis is no place to put away the shades. On many days the skies are clear and the sun is bright.

6. “Wait – St. Louis Bread Company is the same thing as Panera?”

Yes, they’re the same. And yes, we had it here first. And fear not, they both serve Asiago Cheese Bagels.

7. “I guess won’t have to give up my ‘outdoorsy’ lifestyle.”

No matter where they look, it’s not hard for Transplants to find trails, parks, lakes and other places to spend some time in the great outdoors. Pools can be open from April to November.

8. “I was expecting a lot more snow.”

Sure, it gets cold. But for all intents and purposes, it snows twice a year. And it rarely stays on the ground. Those expecting to live in a months-long frozen tundra will be disappointed.

9. “So you have more to drink than Bud Light?”

St. Louis rivals the Bostons, Portlands and Denvers when it comes to magnificent microbreweries. We might be the home of the King of Beers, but the king doesn’t rule with an iron fist. In fact, when AB was sold in 2006, many executives took their buy-out and invested in what? :)

The STL Transplants Team

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