Peer Hosts

Specially selected and socially matched based on interest, travel history, former residence, background, shared language, expertise and more.

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Expert in Neighborhoods

Hiding around each corner is a neighborhood where you'll feel right at home. The diverse mix of communities in the St. Louis region may come as a welcome surprise. We even find parallels from your previous city to make each neighborhood's character easy to understand.

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Expert in Schools

The sheer number of outstanding schools in the St. Louis area, both public and private, can be both overwhelming and exciting. We simplify the process by arranging meetings with head-masters, administrators, teachers, parents and students at the schools under consideration

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Expert in Regional Culture

From underground art, theater and music to family-friendly attractions, we can connect you to rich regional culture often overlooked by locals and non-locals alike. We also help identify the cultural communities most like your past ones so you can find familiarity in new experiences.


Experts in Family & Children

One of the main attractions to St. Louis is family. We are here to serve as a guide to fellow moms and dads, daycare, special needs care, little leagues, tutors, trusted babysitters, ladies’ lunches, one-on-one play dates and much more.

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Expert in Friendship

The profound impact of a friendly face in a new city cannot be underestimated. We work as your personal social coordinator, setting friend-dates, couples get-togethers, happy hours, coffees, dinner parties and more with compatible locals looking to share their lives and connections.

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Expert in Clubs & Society

Many newcomers seek the camaraderie of a club or organization like one from their previous towns, while others develop an interest for the first time. At your request, we provide contact with members, membership boards, directors and sponsors at clubs of all kinds.

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Expert in Worship & Spirituality

New arrivals can spend weeks, months, or even years searching for the right fit for worship. From secular to Orthodox and everything between, we identify Peer Hosts at every congregation to help you navigate the broad spectrum of spiritual communities down to the most minute detail.



Expert in Sports & Recreation

From golfing foursomes to softball and kickball leagues, to fantasy sports, poker games and trivia—whatever the interest, we offer a connection. Not to mention the gyms, fitness classes, boot camps, personal trainers, tennis partners, boating, polo, and running clubs.

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Expert in Cuisine

We identify local nightlife and dining options to suit any occasion and taste, saving you from months of experimentation. Our hosts also guide you through farmers and ethnic markets, niche grocery stores, and anywhere else you can find that special taste of home.

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Expert in Shopping & Referrals

The friendly businesses and services taking care of you all these years don't have to be left behind. The right hairdresser, tailor, dentist, physician, dry cleaner, etc., are ready to step in. No matter how personal or specific your needs, we've found professionals who handle them all.

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Expert in Nonprofits & Volunteering

Do you or your family have a cause close to your heart? We'll help you find just the right volunteer, nonprofit, or board membership opening and pave the way for personal introductions to executive directors, development committees, current volunteers and the like.

Interested in becoming a Peer Host and joining the network? Let's talk.