Building roots in a new city.

Through our St. Louis Transplants program, we connect newcomers with the friends, communities and social resources they need to feel at home in a new city.

With the boxes unpacked, the dust settled and the cafeteria found, many newcomers come up for air and ask: now what?

Well, this time, there is an answer.

While many resources are there for the event of moving,

what about after you're settled? We are there for the whole process to include your social life outside of work.


Here or there, pick up the phone, shoot us an email, meet us for coffee. Let’s grab dinner or a drink. Tell us what you need to feel at home. 


Direct, one-on-one support from the Transplants team here and there.

- Access to carefully selected Peer Hosts who adopt, mentor, befriend and guide. 

- Organized gatherings for new friends, couples or families.

- Holistic Lifestyle Assessments (HLA) that identify personal components we can address.

Entry to Transplant Socials, comfortable for all ages and backgrounds.

City guides and apps curated by Transplants like you.

Meaningful friendships found outside of work.

 How it works: 

  1. Acclimate STL will conduct an initial phone call to introduce you to the St. Louis Transplants program, collect initial information, answer pressing questions; and set up face-to-face meeting.

  2. Schedule and hold an in-person meeting, at first opportunity outside of work, before and/or after arrival in St. Louis.

  3. Provide you with a lifestyle itinerary along with community and personal resources.

  4. Connects you to area Peer Hosts -- specializing in life areas identified -- for custom advice and guidance.

  5. Newcomer has near 24/7 access to St. Louis Transplant program resources for questions, thoughts, and needs.

  6. Follow-up discussions and feedback.


It's our goal to help you discover the life you want in a fraction of the time. 


Peer Hosts are a network of

St. Louis transplants, replants and local liaisons assisting candidate prospects, transferees and families one-on-one.  

Our peer hosts address all of the social variables that impact your transition.


Think of the Wine Me, Dine Me and Show Me Guides like a grass-roots survival manual.

Suggestions are unpaid; curated by newcomers, for newcomers, with feedback from Transplants like you.