Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't we use a real estate agent for "lifestyle" information and pre-decision tours?
Our philosophy is that it's high time to unbundle house tours and city tours - and have them applied separately, by different vendors. Introducing an entire region, its neighborhoods, and residents is an altogether different process than home sales. In addition, real estate professionals are bound by the Fair Housing Act and prohibited from going beyond neutral discussions of personal matters and lifestyle questions. Lastly, a growing majority of new hires and transferees aren't necessarily buying homes right away - choosing to rent for a time and thus disincentivizing frontline personnel (conducting look & see trips) who operate on a commission-based platform. For these reasons and more, STLT is a direct, fee-only service that receives no percentage, commission, or kickback from the purchase, sale, or rental of real estate in any form.
Will this conflict with third party relocation vendors?
Acclimate STLT is not intended to replace existing global-mobility services concurrently offered in moving logistics, housing, recruitment, outplacement services, etc.  Most often, our programs act as an enhancement of and supplement to third-party relocation vendors with our hyper-local, boots on the ground approach, with specialized socio-cultural aspects of a transition, and other areas outside the scope of other services. 
Our company has dedicated community, inclusion, wellness, and diversity programs. Will these overlap?
Clients continue to provide their own access to company activities and community events alongside co-workers. STLT programs enhance these efforts by offering additional outlets for personnel (and/or their families) to meet peers outside the office as well. 


How does Acclimate STLT get paid?
STLT is paid directly by employers — per candidate or project.
How do you track related metrics and outcomes?
In short: anecdotally. Given its mission in the realm of personal guidance and privacy, STLT remains a client-focused service (not an analytics platform). Qualitative analysis, feedback, and testimonials are provided by program recipients on a volunteer basis - who may wish to share their own results and benefits with employers internally, per their interest and/or comfort level.
How are peer-hosts and/or contracted guides selected?
We take seriously those to whom we entrust incoming executives and families. Each host applies and undergoes a selection process at the discretion of STLT leadership. 
Can we advise individuals to purchase STLT programs on their own?
STLT programs are no longer offered to the retail marketplace outside employer-provided frameworks.