Exploring St.Louis with Acclimate STL


We understand the urge of independent people to think that with just a little direction, they can get to know the region quickly – especially those who have relocated or visited the Midwest before. But seldom understood by most is that there is far more to uncover in St. Louis than commonly perceived or meets the eye. Rest assured that 99 percent of what you see and learn will be new, and whatever time we can spend together out on the road will shave off countless days, weeks, or months of exploration on your own.


Once we’re finished, it’s our goal to leave you with an in-depth understanding of (and connection to) the area. If or when the time comes to work with a realtor, sign a lease, choose a school, or head out on the town, you’ll have all the tools. While we hope to accomplish quite a bit, we promise this experience won’t feel anything like work or a history class field trip. Equally important in everything we do is that our time together is as productive as it is relaxed and fun. In the meantime, here are some tips and guidelines for the Acclimate STL portion of the trip.



  1. Please feel free to be yourself/yourselves. (Again, no one is interviewing with Acclimate STL).

  2. Please feel free to dress as casually and comfortably as you like. (There are some exceptions that require a dress code, but in those cases, we will provide ample notice beforehand). Also, we often get in and out of the car frequently, and in some cases, do a bit of walking.

  3. Along these lines, fear not being stuck in the car for hours on end. Again, the point is to move around and immerse ourselves in daily life.

  4. This is going to be your tour, not a “cookie-cutter” tour of St. Louis where we drive in a circle. (In nearly 10 years, no two trips have ever been the same, and we’ve never taken the same route twice.

  5. Everything we see and do is highly customized for you and your loved ones, right down to where we go, what we eat, the stops we make, and the order in which we do all three.

  6. Still, Acclimate STL itineraries are never set in stone. Apart from company meetings or school visits, we remain highly flexible throughout – ready to adjust for any travel change, hunger pang, weather delay, or napping child.

  7. Kids come along with us all the time – in fact, we encourage them to. So please let the young ones joining know that our day together isn’t all about the adults. There will be ample opportunity to run around, play, and eat delicious treats.

  8. Although we’ll be exploring various neighborhood pockets throughout the city – along with seeing various styles of homes and architecture – it’s not a house tour where we open doors.

  9. Uncommon business hours are very typical in this line of work. In fact, they’re the norm. Please understand that no one from our team is put out should your time with us fall on evenings, weekends, or even some holidays. (It’s our job to work around busy travel or interview schedules, not the other way around).

For potential hires and candidates:

Finally, we can’t wait to shake hands and explore the St. Louis community together. Should you (or anyone else joining us) have any additional thoughts, questions, or concerns prior to arrival, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks so much for your time and we look forward to hosting you soon!