Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve lived here for a while, but I like what you have to offer. Can I still qualify as a Transplant? 
Of course! We’re happy to help any St. Louis resident. In fact, many new and existing hires don’t think of important questions to ask until they’ve been here for a while. And it’s never too late to feel more comfortable, make friendships and develop a better sense of community. 


What if I’m not going to be in St. Louis forever? 
No matter where you end up, you’ll want to remember your time in St. Louis as a good one. So we don’t just help people who want to be permanent residents. Some of our clients don’t even live here full time – they just want help understanding the city for when they’re here.

I like do some research on my own. Is that cool? 
Definitely. And frankly, our resources wouldn’t be what they are today if it weren’t for clients like you. Your feedback helps make sure that we give future clients the most accurate advice. To help you get started, we’ll keep things easy – a few simple, personalized suggestions to point you in the right direction.

What’s your relationship to the restaurants, businesses and services that you recommend? 
Our recommendations are based solely on client feedback, not business kickbacks. So as you explore the places on your list, we want to hear what you thought of them – both good and bad. And if you find something you like (or dislike) that’s not on your list, we want to hear that too. Working together will help us create the most comprehensive info for future clients.

I’m not a fan of going to big social functions, but can you help me find a few like-minded people outside the office? 
If you aren’t planning on running for mayor, it’s perfectly fine to fly under the radar. In fact, the majority of our clients aren’t exactly social butterflies. That means you’re not going to be the first to ask for a simple, focused roadmap that features some decent places to eat, great schools and one or two ways to make new friends, no parties required. 

Listen, I’m fine – I basically live at work. But I think my loved ones would find what you do pretty useful. 
You’re in luck – everything we do includes your family members. After all, they have to live here too. More often than not, we work with entire families to make sure their new home works for everybody. Because even though you might be in control at work, home can sometimes be a different story.